Termite in new construction

How to prevent termite from new construction?

Treating termite prior to the construction is helpful to prevent potential termite infestation in the future. We carry out the prevention by establishing an ecological environment that is unfit for termite habitation. Also, we treat the construction materials (lumbers, soil, cables, etc.) with incesticides to prevent building of nest in your construction.

Treatment in-and-out your construction

Treatment of building foundations

Treatment of green environment surrounding your building






Treatment in-and-out your construction:

1. Prevention of termite infestation in pre-construction stages requires chemical treatments in several positions:

  • the bottoms and sides of excavations
  • in-pipe beddings
  • intersection of walls and flows

Such prevention also involves the placement of chemicals barriers in the foundations of your new construction.

2. Treatment of building foundations:

Mix the soil in an appropriate ratio with chemicals to establish ‘chemical barriers’ to completely avoid potential termite intrusion in the future. Moist lumber and soil should also be avoided after the construction.



Treatment of green environment surrounding your building:

Dense vegetation means an environment with high moisture, which is suitable for nesting of termites. Bush and soil should be treated with insecticides.

We provide a selection of chemical products that will not be harmful to the growth of your vegetation.
For example in the picture, we treat the soil around the bush with incesticides and place baiting stations to provide an all-round prevention to termite infestation.




An early treatment of your surrounding environment is vital to prevent any potential termite-problems