Disinfection of Space


Disinfection of Space

Effective in killing multiple viruses, bacteria, and over a thousand types of fungi within 10 minutes. Manufactured by LANXESS in the UK and certified by authoritative companies.

1. Utilizes advanced and high-performance compression misting machines.

2. Its function can compress the disinfectant into gas, making it easy to float in the air and penetrate comprehensively.

3. The disinfectant can easily enter cracks and crevices to achieve comprehensive disinfection.


  1. A specialized hospital-grade disinfectant product that thoroughly disinfects and sterilizes.
    Non-irritating and safe.
  2. Disinfection is carried out using a professional spray machine, and there is no need to wipe with water afterwards.
  3. The biodegradability is as high as 90%.
  4. Disinfection and sterilization can be completed in one go.
  5. Patented in twenty-one countries.
  6. Capable of eliminating sixty-nine types of viruses, over four hundred types of bacteria, and more than one thousand types of fungi in a short time.
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Complete penetration of the disinfectant, leaving no bacteria spared.