Bed bugs


Infested with bed bugs, no peace at home.

Bed bugs are commonly found in places where people rest or sleep, and they come out to feed on human blood at night or when the body is still. Moreover, they reproduce rapidly and are not easily eliminated by conventional insecticides. With extensive experience in extermination, we have been interviewed by many renowned media organizations in Hong Kong, and we guarantee our confidence. Our professional staff is ready to provide you with free on-site inspections, checks, and quotes at any time. If you are currently suffering from bed bug infestation, please contact us immediately.

We offer a maintenance period of up to 180 days to give you peace of mind.

To solve the bed bug problem once and for all, expert help must be sought for a permanent cure

Pestokill will adopt the following methods to address and resolve bed bug problems based on the prevention and control plan:

  •  Provide professional advice on hygiene measures
  • Use residual spraying in combination with insect growth regulators for treatment
  • Use high-temperature steam and space fumigation for combined treatment
  • Provide a warranty period for customers


Where do bed bugs mainly live?

Bed bugs are commonly found in places where people rest or sleep, and their presence can be detected in these areas. After a period of time, their habitat often accumulates a lot of exoskeletons, feces, and eggshells. Due to the secretion of the bed bug’s scent glands, there is often a foul odor in these areas.

  • Luggage, wallpaper, carpets, floor cracks, and empty walls;
  • Mattresses, bed frames, sheets, and pillowcase crevices;
  • All indoor furniture, drawers, or side crevices.

Where do bed bugs mainly inhabit?

  • The invasion of bed bugs is often judged by the blood stains left on the sheets or pillows and pillowcases.
  • Do you have extra itching at night? (Bed bugs come out at night or when the body is still and suck blood)


How to effectively prevent and control bed bug infestation?

Please listen to our company’s pest control expert, Mr. Yam Wing Keung, on his interview with Hong Kong Radio’s “Happy Go Lucky” program, where he will teach you how to deal with bed bug problems.

  • Check carefully for any signs of bed bugs when traveling, to avoid bringing them back home;
  • Thoroughly clean the luggage of newly hired domestic helpers before bringing them into the house;
  • Treat new furniture with insecticide before use;
  • Provide a dry and well-ventilated environment;
  • Regularly expose furniture, old clothes, and bedding to sunlight;
  • Use a dehumidifier and vacuum cleaner regularly (especially in dark places);
  • Regularly engage a professional pest control company for treatment.


How to differentiate between bed bugs and fleas?


Bed Bugs – Redness and Swelling


Flea bites are simply red and swollen with a wound in the middle

Pest control expert, YAM Wing Keung, shares some tips on preventing bed bugs during travel, so you won’t bring them back home with you next time.

Can I kill bed bugs by myself?

Why are bed bugs difficult to eliminate?

  • Most of them hide in cracks and crevices, making them difficult to detect.
  • They have a high reproductive capacity, making them difficult to eradicate with general insecticides.
  • They have strong resistance to insecticides.

Is DE powder effective in killing bed bugs?

Yes, it is effective, but there are two important factors to consider.

Firstly, you need to have time, patience, and strong perseverance. Bed bugs have strong reproductive abilities and can hatch into adults in about 7 days. If you haven’t killed them all, they will continue to bite you. Therefore, bed bug eradication requires speed, severity, and accuracy.

Secondly, you need to have patience and time. You need to apply the powder at least every two to three days, continuously for six or more times. This means you need to endure for at least half a month, and even then, there is no guarantee that the bed bugs will be completely eradicated.


Is the hot air guns effective in killing bed bugs?

  • Hot air guns can kill bed bugs on the surface, but they cannot effectively deal with bed bugs that are hiding inside.
  • To eliminate bed bugs, a temperature of at least 70℃ is required, and this temperature must be reached to eradicate bed bugs (not just surface temperature).
  • Hot air guns are designed for industrial use, not for household use, so caution must be taken when using them.
  • When using a hot air gun, it is important to ensure that the surface of the material can withstand the heat to avoid deformation caused by heat.


Is using fumigation bombs effective in killing bed bugs?

  • Using flea bombs to deal with bed bugs is completely wrong! It will only spread bed bugs to more corners. Please do not do this!
  • Releasing fumigation bombs can only kill some of the larvae and cannot completely eradicate them.
  • Due to the protection of the eggshell, the larvae inside the egg cannot be killed, so it cannot prevent the next generation from breeding. Moreover, it is easy to generate resistance, and they will quickly reappear.

Bed Bug Q&A

Can bed bugs transmit diseases?

  • Bed bugs can transmit various diseases and cause allergic reactions when bitten.
  • If the bites result in severe symptoms, it is recommended to seek medical attention.

Natural methods for prevention and treatment

Please refer to the suggestions from pest control expert, YAM wing keung, and give them a try. If the problem persists, it is necessary to seek professional help.


Bed bugs are a nuisance and require professional assistance to permanently eradicate.