Prevention of cockroaches

Prevention of cockroaches

Cockroaches are menace that spread germs to human and they have a rapid reproduction that could go up to a size of 1,000,000 in your household. Their habitation has to be prevented.

All of our staff has received prolonged training in solving cockroach-related problems and the insecticides we use are tested to be safe and sustainable by authorities. Our staff has also been interviewed by well-known media about cockroach prevention.

Elimination of cockroaches


The life cycle of cockroaches



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Elimination of cockroaches:


Spraying is to treat the areas and surfaces that are potentially crossed by pests with insecticides. Crossing and staying in these sprayed areas and surfaces will kill the cockroaches and the effect will sustain for days to weeks. It is shown to highly effective to eliminate cockroaches and fleas.

Baiting stations:


Baiting treatment is one of the most environment-friendly ways to treat cockroaches. Being odorless, the baits are effective within a 24- to 48-hour period to achieve a killing network through the shared feeding of the cockroaches.

The baits are proven to be effective to all kinds of cockroaches, including German cockroaches, which develop antibiotic abilities.

Gaseous treatment:


This treatment is permeable and rapidly effective by compressing insecticides into tiny molecules (i.e. gas) that penetrate all parts of your household. Such treatment is highly effective in eliminating cockroaches and fleas.


Cockroaches are one of the most hated menace



Cockroaches have been long seen as menace, which show rapid reproduction and high adaptability to their living environments, so you will see them nearly everywhere. Below are some of their characteristics.

– Cockroaches are omnivore, although starch is their favorite;
– Cockroaches prefer dark, warm and moist living environments;
– Cockroaches are most active at nights.

Most common kinds of cockroaches in Hong Kong:

1. American cockroaches
They are commonly seen in moist environments like sewers.


2. German cockroaches:
They are commonly seen in warm and moist environments, such as cooking stoves, pipes, etcs.


The life cycle of cockroaches:

  • The life cycle of cockroaches can be divided threefold: 1. Egg; 2. nymph and 3. adult.
  • After mating, female cockroaches produce egg cases known as oothecae
  • Each oothecae can contain approximately 15 embryos
  • Nymphs will emerge from the oothecae in a period of 15 days



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